Radiation Dose Estimates

To obtain a shore-based radiation dose estimate report, first click on the "Shore Dose" icon closest to where you and/or your family members were located for the majority of the time during the March 12 through May 11, 2011 timeframe and then select the appropriate age-based exposure category. To obtain a fleet-based radiation dose estimate report, first click on the "Fleet Dose" icon and then select the ship(s) of interest.

Alternatively, you may click the "Show Table View" button to view and download shore-based and/or fleet-based radiation dose estimates reports.

Note:  The location of the "Fleet Dose" icon does not represent the actual location of any particular ship in the fleet. For additional information on the locations of the ships during the March 12 through May 11, 2011, timeframe, please refer to Appendix J of the Radiation Dose Assessments for Fleet-Based Individuals in Operation Tomodachi report, which can be found on the References tab of this website.

Shore dose map marker = Shore Dose       Fleet dose map marker = Fleet Dose

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Shore Doses

Consolidated Location Name Prefecture Associated Locations Dose Information

Fleet Doses

Vessel Name Hull Number Dose Information